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  • 1847

    Old Christian Union Church was organized

    1847 – Old Christian Union Church was organized

  • June 18, 1849

    Presbyterians of Lawson Was Organized

    The Presbyterians, the oldest church group of Lawson was organized

  • November 8, 1868

    Old Union Christian Union Church

    Old Union joined with the Christian Unions

  • 1872

    Presbyterian & Methodist Combine Resources

    Lawson Presbyterian and Methodist Churches were combined

  • September 22, 1872

    Presbyterian’s New Church Building

    J. M. Scott preached the first Presbyterian sermon

  • 1879

    The first Baptist Church organized

    The first Lawson Baptist Church was organized

  • 1880

    Baptists Built a Church

    The first Baptists built a church

  • January 29, 1882

    Christian Church Was Organized

    The Lawson Christian Church was organized.

  • August 4, 1883

    Christian Church Building Was Dedicated

    The new Christian Church was dedicated

  • 1887

    Presbyterians Purchases Entire Building

    Presbyterians purchased the Methodists’ half of the church

  • November 1887

    Methodist Church Dedicated

    Methodist Church building at Sixth & Ingles was dedicated

  • 1890

    Baptist Church Destroyed by Fire

    Baptist church on Pennsylvania just south of Fifth

  • 1892

    New Baptist Church Complete

    The new Baptist church was completed

  • 1895

    Methodist Woman’s Missionary Society

    Woman’s Missionary Society was established

  • December 13, 1896

    Christian Church Rededicated

    The Christian Church building was rededicated

  • 1898

    Presbyterian’s New Manse

    The Presbyterian’s new manse was first occupied

  • 1902

    Old Union Builds Church

    Old Union built a frame building

  • September 30, 1906

    Salem Church Building Was Dedicated

    The present Salem church building was dedicated

  • February 3, 1907

    First Sermon in New Presbyterian Church

    The first sermon was given in the new Presbyterian church.

  • May 26, 1907

    Presbyterian Church Building Was Dedicated

    The new Presbyterian church building was dedicated

  • 1909

    Methodist Church Purchased Lots

    Methodist group purchased Lots at Fifth & Penn

  • 1910

    Slip Up Christian Church Disbanded

    Slip Up Christian Church disbanded which added membership

  • November 6, 1911

    Methodist Church Was Dedicated

    The new Methodist Church was dedicated

  • September 1, 1918

    Canaan Hill Church Organized

    Canaan Hill Church Organized

  • November 6, 1921

    Methodists Tenth Anniversary of the Church Dedication

    Methodists celebrated their tenth anniversary

  • 1923

    Canaan Hill Church Was Dedicated

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene’s first church building

  • February 4, 1943

    Assembly of God Church Was Organized

    February 4, 1943 – Assembly of God Church was organized

  • 1945

    Canaan Hill Church Building Destroyed by Fire

    Canaan Hill Church building destroyed by fire

  • June 1949

    Presbyterian Church Celebrated Its Centennial

    The Presbyterian Church celebrated its centennial

  • February 25, 1951

    Canaan Hill’s Second Church Was Dedicated

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene’s second church building

  • August 2, 1953

    From Entry Fee to Fifty Three

    The women of the Lawson Christian church sponsored publication

  • 1955

    Methodists Purchased An Organ

    1955 – The Methodists purchased a Hammond organ for the sanctuary

  • 1955

    Canaan Hill’s Parsonage Completed

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene’s parsonage was completed

  • June 1956

    New Presbyterian Manse Was Completed

    The new Presbyterian manse was first occupied

  • July 30, 1958

    Groundbreaking Services for Baptist Church Education Unit

    Groundbreaking services were held for the Baptist Church Education unit

  • October 13, 1957

    Second Baptist Church Organized

    The second Baptist Church was constituted as a church

  • 1958

    Christian Church Bought a Parsonage.

    The Christian Church bought a parsonage.

  • 1958

    Christian Church Bought An Organ

    The Christian Church bought a Baldwin organ

  • July 20, 1958

    Baptist Purchase Land

    The trustees of the second Baptist Church were instructed

  • December 24, 1958

    Baptist Education Unit Was Completed

    Construction on the Baptist Church Education unit was completed

  • 1959

    Presbyterians Purchased an Organ

    The Presbyterians purchased an electric organ

  • 1963

    Methodists Added Nursery Service

    The Methodist Church added nursery service for young mothers

  • June 17, 1963

    Canaan Hill Church Building Razed

    Canaan Hill Church's second building was torn down

  • June 19, 1963

    Assembly of God Church Purchased Land

    Assembly of God Church purchased five acres of land where the church now sets

  • October 26, 1963

    First Service in New Canaan Hill Church

    The first service was held in the newly built Canaan Hill Church

  • April 19, 1964

    Dedication of the Canaan Hill Church

    The formal dedication of the Canaan Hill Church

  • July 1964

    Baptist Church Purchased a Parsonage

    The Baptist church purchased a parsonage

  • September 14, 1964

    Wilderness Camp was Created

    Wilderness was createdby the Missouri Conference

  • January 10, 1965

    Assembly of God Church Was Completed

    The new Assembly of God Church was completed

  • April 18, 1965

    The Educational Wing of the Presbyterian Church was Dedicated

    The new educational wing of the Presbyterian Church was dedicated

  • October 10, 1965
  • July 17, 1966

    First Services in the New Baptist Church

    The first services were held in the new Baptist Church

  • April 12, 1967

    The Baptist Church was Dedicated

    The Baptist Church dedicatory service was held

  • 1967-1968

    Presbyterian Church Refaced with Brick

    The Presbyterian church was refaced with brick

  • 1968

    Evangelican United Bethren and the Methodist Church Joined

    The Evangelican United Bethren and the Methodist church joined

  • 1968

    Schools Held Classes at Baptist Church

    School held two classes in the Baptist church’s educational quarters

  • June 23, 1968

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene 50th Anniversary

    Canaan Hill Church celebrated its 50th anniversary

  • September 14, 1969

    First Combined Service for the Presbyterians & Christians

    The first united service was held for the Presbyterian and Christian Churches

  • October 21, 2015

    Wilderness Camp Purchased by WCRA

    The camp was purchased by the Wilderness Camping and Retreat Association