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  • 1856

    Franklin School

    The octagonal school at Watkins Mill was

  • August 1871

    Luttie Palmer Taught First School Class

    Miss Luttie Palmer taught first school class

  • October 17, 1873

    Land Purchased to Build a School House

    Land purchased to build a schoolhouse

  • August 1874

    First Multi-Room School House

    The first schoolhouse of at least two rooms

  • August 1874

    Negro School

    Classes for the town’s negro children opened

  • June 1883

    First School Lots Sold

    The first school lots were sold

  • 1883

    Brick Schoolhouse Built

    New brick schoolhouse was built

  • 1891

    Presbyterian Academy Organized

    Lawson Presbyterian Academy was organized

  • Late 1890s

    School Building Destroyed by Fire

    School building burned down

  • October 4, 1898

    Presbyterian Academy Destroyed by Fire

    Presbyterian Academy burned

  • 1899

    Partitition Added to School

    A partition was added to school

  • 1900

    Presbyterian Academy Classes Held at Bank

    The last classes for Lawson Presbyterian Academy

  • 1900

    Presbyterian Academy Classes Discontinued

    Presbyterian Academy classes were discontinued

  • 1905

    A Two Room Wing Added To The School

    A two room wing was added to the school

  • 1906

    Negro School Ceased Operations

    The Negro school ceased operations

  • 1915

    A Standard Four Year High School

    A standard four year high school was in effect.

  • Mayor 1919 - 1922

    Jacob Lincoln Coffman

    Jacob Lincoln Coffman was the Mayor of Lawson 1919 - 1922, superintendent of schools, and was a hardware dealer.

  • 1921

    East Fork and Riggs Added Lawson School District

    East Fork and a part of Riggs district were added

  • 1921

    Junior-Senior High School Plan Adopted

    The Junior-Senior High School plan was adopted

  • 1927

    Elmira’s New School

    Elmira’s new two room school house

  • 1931

    Free Text Books In Schools

    Free text books were voted in for the schools

  • March 11, 1936

    Lawson’s First Teacher Died

    Lawson’s first teacher, Lutie Palmer, died

  • 1937

    School Busses Were Added

    School busses were added by the Lawson District

  • 1949

    Gymnasium – Auditorium Was Added to the School

    A gymnasium-auditorium extension was added

  • June 1949

    Land Was Bought for an Athletic Field

    Ten acres of land were bought for an athletic field

  • December 1949

    Graham, Murray and Bisbee Annexed into Lawson Schools

    Country schools began annexing into the Lawson School district

  • 1951

    Union, Butler and Riggs Were Annexed into Lawson schools

    Union, Butler and the rest of Riggs district

  • 1957

    Elmira Schools Were Annexed into Lawson

    Elmira schools were annexed into the Lawson school district

  • January 1958

    Land Was Purchased for High School Building Site

    Fifteen acres purchased as the site for high school building

  • April 1958

    Bond Issue Approved for High School

    A $315,000 bond issue was approved

  • September 1959

    The New High School Opened

    The new high school opened

  • 1960

    1960 – Kitchen Space Added to the High School

    Kitchen space was added to the high school

  • October 1963

    Bond Issue Approved for Additions to the School

    A $85,000 bond issue was approved for additions to the school building

  • 1964

    Eastern Pleasant Grove Annexed into the Lawson District

    The eastern part of Pleasant Grove school

  • March 3, 1966

    A High School P.T.A. was Organized

    A High School P.T.A. was organized

  • 1967

    Franklin and Part of Rayville Were Added to Lawson School District

    Franklin and a part of Rayville were added to Lawson School District

  • May 1967

    Lawson R-XII District Reorganization

    During school district reorganization the name changed

  • 1968

    Schools Held Classes at Baptist Church

    School held two classes in the Baptist church’s educational quarters

  • July 1968

    Bond Issue Passed for a Second Elementary School

    A bond issue of $310,000 passed for a second elementary school

  • August 1969

    Southwest Elementary Opened

    Southwest Elementary opened with kindergarten, first, second, and third grades

  • December 1969

    South Half of Nike Base Transferred to Lawson School District

    The south half of Lawson’s former Nike base installation

  • Fall 1970

    Administraton Building at Nike Base Renovated as Southeast Elementary

    The administration building at the Nike base was renovated for school purposes

  • Mayor 1972 - 1974

    Jack Wyatt Monroe

    Jack Wyatt Monroe served as Mayor of Lawson 1972 - 1974 and practiced pharmacy for 42 years.

  • Mayor 1975 - 1985

    Van Frederick “Fred” Bright

    Van Frederick “Fred” Bright served the most years as Mayor of Lawson from 1975 - 1985.

  • Mayor 1992 - 1997

    Robert O. “Bob” Gill

    Robert O. “Bob” Gill served as Mayor of Lawson from 1992 - 1997 and was Superintendent of Lawson schools.

  • June 1993

    Central Middle School was Torn Down

    Central Middle School was torn down

  • Acting Mayor 2007

    Josh Thomas

    Josh Thomas was acting Mayor of Lawson 2007.

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