From Entry Fee:

The following list is included for the benefit of those wishing to know the names of other teachers who have served in the Lawson Public Schools. It begins where the above listings left off, and begs lenience in the matter of errors. Space prohibits specific dates in all cases. The remaining superintendents are listed first: P. M. Pinkard, J. L. Coffman (later a business man in Lawson, and still a resident), Mr. Killian, Al Boone, H. L. Couchman, W. N. Laidlaw, C. H. McClure, R. L. Guinn, M. S. Hale, J. A. Dunn, E. L. Black, Robert McGee, L. R. Pfost, E. A. Hyde, John Baber, Lyndon I. Payne, Allen Sherman, J. F. Goodwin, J. R. Rougemont, Clyde C. Rowland, Allen Doak, Paul Nail, Martha Cook, Henry Bush, John Scott, and Paul Rogers, the present Superintendent .

Other teachers, from 1878 to the present staff: Ola Utt, Susan Hollingsworth, Molly Garvin, Mr. Cave, Mandy Van Trump, Albert Albright, Haynie Rowell, Dan Hunt, Anna Briscoe, Jennie Van Trump, John Tanquerry, Lena Titus, Dollie Moberly, Fannie Walker, Florence Moberly, Lizzie Harvey, Marjorie Blackwell, Alexa Marshall, Lilly Smith, Gertie Ross, Emma Smithy, J. G. Hughson, Alice Bethel, Anna Morgan, Lulu Rippy, Anna Finley, Nina Montford, Carrie Mitchell, Clara Pollett, Eva Robinett, Tillery James, Lutie Cheatham, Minnie Smart, Kate Ponds, Lutie Mimms, Margaret Ballantyne, Bertha McMillen, Leta Clevenger, Lena Wilkes, Cannie Mae Dameron, Sarah L. Sayles, Virginia Conn, Bertha Mae Mackey, Anna Mae Finch, Blanche Crutsinger, May Weldon, Mary Major, Bessie B. Dye, Josephine Patton, Katie Wharton, Mary Orputt, Minnie Keel, Maude Petty, Lyle Williams, Katherine Schwick, Lena Wharton, Ethyl Hendricks, Nell Riggs, Kate Jacobs, Nelle Coffman, Esther Rohrer, Merle Meyers, Julia B. Collins, Bess Riggs, Marie McKee, Lois Roney, Mrs. Grover Akers, Mary Lamkin, Ruth Peterman, Mrs. Elizabeth Akers, Mrs. Estyln Buester, Gladys Deacy, Jessie Albright, Allen Sherman, Ruth Young, Margaret Dawson, Mary Gray, Lottie Akers, Mrs. Forrest Sisk, Z. T. Walter, Ellen Baldwin, Margaret Asbell, Ruth Strasser, Stella Fields, Mrs. Joe Thomson, Roma Brown, Lawrence Estill, Mary Rhodus, Georgia Brown, Helen Marston, Jlastine Glenn, Ivah Wilson, Nell Gaylord, Janet Brock, Opal Rhodus, Elizabeth Burton, Clover Faul, Helen James, Gladys Rooce, Mae Fulwood, Cry stall Bills, S. A. Gilbert, Kathleen Holloway, Cleota Hendrix, Allene Manso, Fannie Moore, Mary Ruble, Frances Henderson, Mildred Walker, Jean Alnutt, Mary Shields, Nena Rouse, Leta Stonum, Lota Riddle, Julia Campbell, Alice Brownfield, Mary B. Aker, Evalyn Evans, C. B. Allen, Mary Zimmerman, Margaret Hartigan, S. L. Tillinghast, Wilma Crossett, Ruth Bogart, Mildred Music, R. L. Brown, Gladys Tillinghast, Virginia Kemper, Rowena Wheeler, William George, Verne Campbell, Mary P. Gstrein, Mrs. Dean Lunkwehler, La Donna Switzer, Georgia David, Virginia Fowler Durden, Lois Ottman, Andy Campbell, Cleta Kennedy, Myrna Bright, Wilma Roberts, Eugene Campbell, Margaret Ezell, Helen Mantzey, Cleda George, J. C. Sexton, Allene Beetz, Esther Stratten, Edna Johnson, Jewell Creason, Mrs. E. J. Scott, Harold Parker, Constance Parker, S. C. Williamson, Bessie Morrow, Joseph E. Burson, Barbara Bell, Georgia Lebold, Charles Tometie, and Heuby Moore. La- \ ernon Crowley was librarian, previous to the one now in charge.