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  • August 10, 1821

    Missouri became a state

    August 10, 1821 – Missouri became a state

  • November 1838

    Battle of Crooked River

    November 1838 – the “battle of Crooked River”, a day’s skirmish

  • March 27, 1839

    W. L. Watkins Acquired Land

    March 27, 1839 – W. L. Watkins acquired his first 80 acres of land

  • Early 1840s

    Watkins Was Operating Grist & Flour Mill

    Early 1840s – Watkins was operating the area’s first grist and flour mill

  • 1847

    Old Christian Union Church was organized

    1847 – Old Christian Union Church was organized

  • 1848

    Watkins First Circular Saw Mill

    Watkins installed the county’s first circular saw mill

  • June 18, 1849

    Presbyterians of Lawson Was Organized

    The Presbyterians, the oldest church group of Lawson was organized

  • 1851

    Watkins House

    Waltus L. Watkins completed his permanent homestead

  • 1852

    Claysville Was Founded

    Claysville was founded as

  • 1853

    Watkins Entered Land

    Watkins entered land that would later

  • 1856

    Franklin School

    The octagonal school at Watkins Mill was

  • 1859

    Watkins Woolen Mill Under Construction

    Waltus L. Watkins began construction of the woolen mill

  • 1861

    Watkins Woolen Mill in Full Production

    Watkins Woolen Mill was in full production

  • 1864

    Watkins Sold Land to Elston

    Watkins sold 80 acres of the land to Elston

  • 1868

    St. Joseph Railroad Company Organized

    St. Joseph Railroad Company was organized

  • November 8, 1868

    Old Union Christian Union Church

    Old Union joined with the Christian Unions

  • 1870

    Raum Buys Land From Elston

    Raum buys land for Elston

  • June 1870

    St. Joseph Land Company Buys Land

    St. Joseph Land Company buys land from Raum

  • June 1870

    Pump in City Park

    The public well beneath the pump in the City Park

  • July 1870

    First Permanent Store Building

    First permanent store building was built

  • August 1870

    Permit Issued for Lawson Station

    Permit was issued for Lawson Station

  • August 1871

    Luttie Palmer Taught First School Class

    Miss Luttie Palmer taught first school class

  • September 20, 1870

    Original Town Plat Was Filed

    Original town plat was filed with the county recorder

  • December 31, 1870

    Bee Hive Lodge Organized

    Bee Hive Lodge NO. 393, A.F. and A.M. was organized

  • October 13, 1871

    Bee Hive Lodge Charter

    Bee Hive Lodge’s charter was granted

  • November 3, 1871

    Bee Hive Hall Dedicated

    November 3, 1871 – Bee Hive hall on the northeast corner of Third and Penn was dedicated

  • November 7, 1871

    Lawson Incorporated

    Lawson was incorporated

  • 1872

    Lawson Station Becomes Lawson

    “Station” was dropped

  • 1872

    Presbyterian & Methodist Combine Resources

    Lawson Presbyterian and Methodist Churches were combined

  • February 20, 1872

    Corrected Version of Town Plat Recorded

    Corrected version of town plat

  • February 20, 1872

    St. Joseph Land Company Gave the City the Town Square

    St. Joseph Land Company gave the City the town square

  • September 22, 1872

    Presbyterian’s New Church Building

    J. M. Scott preached the first Presbyterian sermon

  • January 23, 1873

    Lawson Cemetery Organized

    Ten men met to form cemetery association.

  • August 5, 1873

    East Addition

    City limits were expanded to include “East Addition”

  • October 17, 1873

    Land Purchased to Build a School House

    Land purchased to build a schoolhouse

  • 1874

    Raum Hotel Was Built

    Raum Hotel was built by Joseph & Henrietta Raum

  • 1874

    Good Temple Lodge Organized

    1874 – Good Temple Lodge was organized but it was short-lived

  • August 1874

    First Multi-Room School House

    The first schoolhouse of at least two rooms

  • August 1874

    Negro School

    Classes for the town’s negro children opened

  • 1879

    The first Baptist Church organized

    The first Lawson Baptist Church was organized

  • 1880

    Baptists Built a Church

    The first Baptists built a church

  • Mayor 1881 - 1883

    Pleasant H. Cates

    Born July 1821, Tennessee – Died February 9, 1886, Ray C

  • April 8, 1881

    The Lawson Gazette

    Lawson's first newspaper was printed

  • December 5, 1881

    Montgomery Addition

    City limits were expanded to include “Montgomery Addition”

  • January 29, 1882

    Christian Church Was Organized

    The Lawson Christian Church was organized.

  • August 14, 1883

    Lawson Bank Was Incorporated

    Lawson Bank was incorporated

  • June 1883

    First School Lots Sold

    The first school lots were sold

  • August 4, 1883

    Christian Church Building Was Dedicated

    The new Christian Church was dedicated

  • October 22, 1883

    Lawson Bank Purchased Lots

    Lawson Bank purchased lots

  • 1883

    Brick Schoolhouse Built

    New brick schoolhouse was built

  • January 24, 1884

    Waltus L. Watkins Died

    Waltus L. Watkins died

  • Mayor circa 1885-1889

    James H. Shutts

    Shutts lived in Lawson a number of years. He was postmaster under Cleveland’s first term, 

  • 1885

    Lawson Bank Building Completed

    Lawson Bank building was completed

  • 1886

    Lawson Fair Association

    Lawson District Fair Association was organized

  • 1887 - 1889

    The Lawsonian

    The Lawsonian – proprietor: J. H. Shutts

  • 1887

    Milwaukee Railroad Completes Line

    The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad built a line

  • 1887

    Presbyterians Purchases Entire Building

    Presbyterians purchased the Methodists’ half of the church

  • 1887

    Elmira Gets a Post Office

    A post office was established in Elmira

  • November 1887

    Methodist Church Dedicated

    Methodist Church building at Sixth & Ingles was dedicated

  • 1888

    Morrow Lumber Buys Grizzel & Maggey

    Morrow Lumber Company purchased the lumberyard from

  • 1889 - 1899

    The Lawson Leader

    The Lawson Leader. There were several editors and publishers

  • Mayor circa 1880s-1890s

    C. P. Wright

    served as constable, mayor, and was engaged in the insurance business

  • 1890

    Baptist Church Destroyed by Fire

    Baptist church on Pennsylvania just south of Fifth

  • December 1890

    Cemetery Purchased More Land

    Land north and east of the existing cemetery was purchased

  • December 1890

    Community Christmas Tree

    Local business firms sponsored a community Christmas tree

  • 1891

    Presbyterian Academy Organized

    Lawson Presbyterian Academy was organized

  • 1892

    New Baptist Church Complete

    The new Baptist church was completed

  • 1895

    Methodist Woman’s Missionary Society

    Woman’s Missionary Society was established

  • 1896

    Bee Hive Lodge Destroyed by Fire

    Bee Hive lodge at the corner of Third and Pennsylvania

  • March 24, 1896

    I.O.O.F. Lodge Organized

    Lawson I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 528 was organized

  • December 13, 1896

    Christian Church Rededicated

    The Christian Church building was rededicated

  • 1897

    Second Masonic Lodge Built

    Second Masonic lodge was built

  • 1898

    Presbyterian’s New Manse

    The Presbyterian’s new manse was first occupied

  • Late 1890s

    School Building Destroyed by Fire

    School building burned down

  • October 4, 1898

    Presbyterian Academy Destroyed by Fire

    Presbyterian Academy burned

  • 1899-1901

    The Lawson Journal

    1899-1901 Lawson Journal. When Walter L. Bales

  • 1899

    Partitition Added to School

    A partition was added to school

  • 1899 - 1916

    The Ray County Review

    The Ray County Review 1899 – May 4, 1916

  • 1900

    Presbyterian Academy Classes Held at Bank

    The last classes for Lawson Presbyterian Academy

  • 1900

    Presbyterian Academy Classes Discontinued

    Presbyterian Academy classes were discontinued

  • 1900

    Forty Two Club Was Organized

    Tthe Forty Two Club (Fancy Work Club)

  • 1902

    Old Union Builds Church

    Old Union built a frame building

  • 1902

    First Annual Lawson Picnic

    First Annual Lawson Picnic sponsored

  • Mayor 1903 - 1904

    W. A. James

    W. A. James was Mayor of Lawson 1903-1904

  • 1904
    Eldorus F. Ammerman

    Ammerman Bought Local Telephone Company

    Eldorus F. Ammerman bought the local telephone company

  • 1904

    The Review Published a Magazine

    The Review published a 100 page magazine

  • 1904

    The First Rural Mail Route

    The first rural mail route was established

  • 1904

    “Long Lane” Blocked With Snow

    The “long lane” east of town was blocked

  • 1904

    Morrow Lumber Bought the Adjoining building

    Morrow lumber bought the adjoining Young building

  • 1904

    Elmira Got Its First Rural Mail Route

    Elmira got its first rural mail route

  • Spring 1904

    Old Curfew Bell

    The old curfew bell was removed

  • January 4, 1904

    I.O.O.F. Bought Second Floor

    I.O.O.F. bought the second floor of the building

  • Mayor 1905 - 1906

    Thomas Jefferson Meadows

    Meadows was Mayor of Lawson 1905 – 1906

  • 1905

    A Two Room Wing Added To The School

    A two room wing was added to the school

  • January 1905

    More Rural Mail Routes in Ray County

    The Post Office Department ordered eleven new rural routes

  • August 16, 1905

    Storm Halted Lawson Picnic

    Storm halted Lawson picnic

  • 1906

    Negro School Ceased Operations

    The Negro school ceased operations

  • 1906

    Missouri Valley Fox Hunt Was Organized

    The Missouri Valley Fox Hunt was organized

  • February 22, 1906

    Lawson P.E.O. Organized

    Chapter W.O., P.E.O. was organized in Lawson

  • September 30, 1906

    Salem Church Building Was Dedicated

    The present Salem church building was dedicated

  • Mayor 1907 - 1908

    Jeff E. Deacy

    Jeff E. Deacy was Mayor of Lawson 1907 - 1908

  • February 3, 1907

    First Sermon in New Presbyterian Church

    The first sermon was given in the new Presbyterian church.

  • May 26, 1907

    Presbyterian Church Building Was Dedicated

    The new Presbyterian church building was dedicated

  • Mayor 1909 - 1910

    Frank Andrew Waers

    Frank A. Waers was Mayor of Lawson 1909 - 1910 and later a Missouri state representative.

  • 1909

    Methodist Church Purchased Lots

    Methodist group purchased Lots at Fifth & Penn

  • 1909

    Land Sold for $130 Per Acre

    A tract of land east of town was sold for $130 per acre

  • 1910

    Slip Up Christian Church Disbanded

    Slip Up Christian Church disbanded which added membership

  • 1910

    Boys Scouts of America Founded

    The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was founded

  • January 1910

    Comet Appeared in the Skies

    An outstanding comet appeared in the western skies

  • Mayor 1911 - 1912

    John Clifton Crowley

    J. C. Crowley served as Mayor of Lawson several terms

  • November 6, 1911

    Methodist Church Was Dedicated

    The new Methodist Church was dedicated

  • 1912

    Girl Scouts was Organized in the United States

    Girl Scouts was organized in the United States

  • Mayor 1913 - 1914

    John McBride Ward

    J. M. Ward served as mayor 1913 - 1914 and was in the furniture and undertaking business

  • 1913
  • 1914

    Post Office Robbed

    The post office was robbed of $100

  • July 14, 1914

    Fire Destroyed Brick Block

    Fire destroyed the early town records

  • Mayor 1915 - 1916

    Van Wyck Boen

    Van Wyck Boen served as mayor of Lawson 1915 - 1916.

  • 1915

    A Standard Four Year High School

    A standard four year high school was in effect.

  • May 1915

    Bank and Ward Building Reoccupied

    Bank and Ward Building Reoccupied after fire

  • 1916 - present

    The Lawson Review

    The Lawson Re­view, 1916 to the present

  • 1916

    Electric Lights Installed in City Park

    Electric lights were installed in the City Park

  • March 1916

    Civic Improvement Club Was Organized

    Lawson Civic Improvement Club was organized

  • May 4, 1916

    Last Issue of “Ray County Review”

    Last issue of the The Ray County Review

  • May 11, 1916

    First Issue of The Lawson Review

    First issued of The Lawson Review

  • July 1916

    City Band

    The newly formed city band held its first concert

  • Summer of 1916

    Streets Were Oiled

    The first summer the streets of Lawson were oiled

  • 1916

    Marshall Stock Company Entertained

    Marshall Stock Company presented programs

  • 1916

    White and Myers Chautauqua

    White and Myers Chautauqua was held

  • Mayor 1917 - 1918

    Virgil Homer Russell

    Virgil H. Russell served as Mayor of Lawson 1917 - 1918 and was in the produce business.

  • April 6, 1917

    U.S. Declared War on Germany

    United States declared war on Germany

  • May 18, 1917

    Congress Passed Selective Service Act

    Congress passed the Selective Service Act

  • 1918

    Great Flu Epidemic of 1918

    Great flu epidemic of 1918

  • September 1, 1918

    Canaan Hill Church Organized

    Canaan Hill Church Organized

  • Mayor 1919 - 1922

    Jacob Lincoln Coffman

    Jacob Lincoln Coffman was the Mayor of Lawson 1919 - 1922, superintendent of schools, and was a hardware dealer.

  • 1919

    Coal Discovered Near Elmira

    Rich veins of coal were discovered near Elmira

  • 1921

    East Fork and Riggs Added Lawson School District

    East Fork and a part of Riggs district were added

  • 1921

    Junior-Senior High School Plan Adopted

    The Junior-Senior High School plan was adopted

  • November 6, 1921

    Methodists Tenth Anniversary of the Church Dedication

    Methodists celebrated their tenth anniversary

  • 1922

    Elmira Was Incorporated

    Elmira was incorporated

  • Mayor 1923 - 1924

    William Henry “Billie” Meyer

    William H. Meyer served four terms as mayor and six terms as alderman.

  • 1923

    Lebold was Appointed Post­master

    Albert Roy Lebold was appointed Postmaster

  • 1923

    Canaan Hill Church Was Dedicated

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene’s first church building

  • 1924

    Jefferson Highway Was Being Built

    Jefferson Highway was being built with one branch coming down from Cameron and the other from Polo and after meeting in Lawson proceeded southward to Excelsior Springs

  • July 1924

    McDavid-Halstead Bus Line

    The McDavid-Halstead bus line between Lawson and Excelsior Springs

  • November 9, 1924

    The Memorial Pavilion Was Dedicated

    The Memorial pavilion in the city park

  • Mayor 1925 - 1930

    Edwin Shouse

    Edwin Shouse served three terms as Mayor of Lawson and was a doctor for 56 years.

  • 1925

    Blue Jay Highway

    Blue Jay highway would be routed through Lawson

  • 1925

    Petunia Selected As The City Flower

    The Petunia was selected as the city flower

  • 1925

    Home Talent Chautauqua

    Civic Improvement club put on a home talent Chautauqua

  • May 20, 1925

    St. Louis Good Will Tour

    Lawson was one of 49 towns visited

  • May 4, 1926

    Commercial Bank Closed

    Commercial Bank of Lawson was ordered closed

  • 1927

    Elmira’s New School

    Elmira’s new two room school house

  • November 28, 1930

    Lawson Cemetery Association Is Incorporated

    Lawson Cemetery Association received its Certificate of Incorporation

  • Mayor 1931 - 1932

    John Clifton Crowley

    J. C. Crowley served as Mayor of Lawson several terms

  • 1931

    Free Text Books In Schools

    Free text books were voted in for the schools

  • 1931

    Rock Island Railroad

    The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad came through

  • 1931

    Highway 69 Completed

    Highway 69 was completed through West Lawson

  • May 31, 1931

    Lawson Boy Scout Troup Founded

    Boy Scout Troop 308 of Lawson

  • 1932

    Slag Used to Surface Roads

    Slag from the Elmira coal mine was used to surface the roads

  • Mayor 1933 - 1936

    George Allen Rhodus

    George Allen Rhodus served as mayor 1933 – 1936 and again in 1951 – February 15, 1955.

  • March 13, 1933

    Lawson Bank Reopened after National Bank Holiday

    Lawson Bank re-opened after the bank holiday

  • 1935

    Subsistence Seed Home Gardens

    Subsistence seed home gardens were being distributed

  • 1935

    Three Mail Routes Became Two

    The three local mail routes became two

  • 1935

    Red Dust Was Filling the Air

    The Dust Bowl, also known as “the Dirty Thirties,” started in 1930

  • March 11, 1936

    Lawson’s First Teacher Died

    Lawson’s first teacher, Lutie Palmer, died

  • Mayor 1937 - 1945

    John Clifton Crowley

    J. C. Crowley served as Mayor of Lawson several terms

  • 1937

    School Busses Were Added

    School busses were added by the Lawson District

  • June 14, 1938

    Rebekah Lodge Received Its Charter

    The Rebekah lodge received its charter

  • November 1938

    Bond Issue for New Water System

    November 1938 – Voters approved a bond issue of $25,000 for a new water system

  • November 1, 1939

    Lawson Girl Scout Troop Organized

    November 1, 1939 - The first Girl Scout troop in Lawson was organized.

  • April 8, 1941

    Lawson Rotary Club was organized

    Lawson Rotary Club was organized

  • 1942

    Cub Scouts Organized

    The Cub Scouts were first organized in Lawson

  • February 4, 1943

    Assembly of God Church Was Organized

    February 4, 1943 – Assembly of God Church was organized

  • 1945

    Canaan Hill Church Building Destroyed by Fire

    Canaan Hill Church building destroyed by fire

  • Mayor 1946 - 1949

    Claude Manford Clark

    Claude Manford Clark served two terms as Mayor of Lawson 1946 - 1949.

  • 1946

    P.T.A. Was Organized

    Parent Teachers Association (P.T.A.) was organized in Lawson

  • March 1946

    Rakla Shrine Club Was Organized

    Rakla Shrine Club was organized

  • February 15, 1947

    V.F.W. Post 9065 Was Organized

    Lawson Memorial Post No. 9065 V.F.W was organized

  • September 18, 1947

    Beta Sigma Phi Was Organized

    Delta Zeta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi was organized

  • 1949

    Gymnasium – Auditorium Was Added to the School

    A gymnasium-auditorium extension was added

  • 1949

    Elmira Coal Mine Closed

    The Elmira coal mine closed for good

  • June 1949

    V.F.W. Post Bought A Lot To Build a Post

    V.F.W. Post No. 9065 bought a lot across from the park

  • June 1949

    Land Was Bought for an Athletic Field

    Ten acres of land were bought for an athletic field

  • June 1949

    Presbyterian Church Celebrated Its Centennial

    The Presbyterian Church celebrated its centennial

  • December 1949

    Graham, Murray and Bisbee Annexed into Lawson Schools

    Country schools began annexing into the Lawson School district

  • Mayor 1950 - 1951

    Andrew Wallace “Jack” Jarman

    Jack Jarman served as Mayor of Lawson 1950 - 1951, operated Lawson Barber Shop, and was co-founder of Jarman Funeral Home.

  • Mayor 1951 - 1955

    George Allen Rhodus

    George Allen Rhodus served as mayor 1933 – 1936 and 1951 – February 15, 1955.

  • 1951

    Union, Butler and Riggs Were Annexed into Lawson schools

    Union, Butler and the rest of Riggs district

  • February 25, 1951

    Canaan Hill’s Second Church Was Dedicated

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene’s second church building

  • 1952

    Bonds for the Municipal Water System

    City of Lawson voted bonds for the municipal water system

  • August 13, 1952

    50th Annual Lawson Picnic

    50th Annual Lawson Picnic sponsored

  • June 17, 1953

    Order of Eastern Star Was Instituted

    Lawson Chapter of Order of Eastern Star

  • August 2, 1953

    From Entry Fee to Fifty Three

    The women of the Lawson Christian church sponsored publication

  • September 16, 1953

    $103,000 Bond Issue Approved for Water System

    Voters approved a $103,000 bond issue for the a new water system

  • November 12, 1953

    Order of Eastern Star Was Constituted

    Lawson Chapter No. 549 of Order of Eastern Star

  • 1954

    Klever Kraft Extension Club Was Organized

    Klever Kraft Ray County Extension Club was organized

  • 1954

    Train Depot in Elmira Was Torn Down

    The train depot in Elmira was torn down

  • May 1, 1954

    Bonds for Water System Sold

    The bonds for a new water system were dated May 1, 1954

  • July 1, 1954

    Land Was Purchased for Water System

    The City purchased 111.2 acres on which the railroad pond lay

  • July 12, 1954

    $25,000 Water Plant Bonds Sold

    The city sold twenty-five $1,000 water plant bonds

  • November 9, 1954

    Voters Approved Revenue Bonds For Water Plant

    Voters approved Revenue bonds of $15,000 for developing a municipal water plant

  • Acting Mayor 1955

    Rollie Elmer Hartman

    Rollie Elmer Hartman was acting mayor March 1 to April 1955 and served as an alderman for 30 years.

  • 1955

    Canaan Hill’s Parsonage Completed

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene’s parsonage was completed

  • 1955

    Methodists Purchased An Organ

    1955 – The Methodists purchased a Hammond organ for the sanctuary

  • Mayor 1955 - 1960

    Thomas Dudley Williamson

    Thomas Dudley Williamson served as Mayor of Lawson 1955 – 1960. During his tenure as mayor he helped obtain the Lawson Army Nike missile base and a municipal water system. 

  • January 1955

    Quit Claim Deeds Railroad Pond

    Quit Claim Deeds for all lease rights over the railroad pond were received

  • March 24, 1955

    Water Plant Contractor Selected

    Sealed bids for construction of the water plant were opened

  • May 3, 1955

    Construction Began on Water Plant

    Construction began on the new water plant

  • May 23, 1955

    Volunteer Fire Department Organized

    The Lawson Volunteer Fire Department was organized

  • October 24, 1955

    B.P. W. Was Organized

    Business and Professional Women (B.P.W.) was organized

  • November 9, 1955

    Voters Approved More Bonds to Complete Water System

    Voters approved $14,000 in General Obligation bonds

  • December 7, 1955

    Revenue Bonds For Water Plant

    Revenue Bonds of $15,000 for the municipal water plant

  • December 9, 1955

    More Bonds Approved for Water System

    Voters unanimously approved General Obligation Bond Issue of $14,000

  • 1956

    First Water Service Connections Completed

    First resident service connections with the public water system were completed

  • February 19, 1956

    P.E.O. Held 50th Anniversary Tea

    Chapter A.O., P.E.O. held their fiftieth Anniversary tea

  • March 6, 1956

    Sewerage Disposal Rules Established

    Specific rules and regulations governing sewerage disposal

  • May 1, 1956

    First Water Receipts Were Collected

    The City of Lawson collected the first receipts from users of city water

  • May 5, 1956

    Waterama Jubilee

    Waterama Jubilee was held celebrating the new water system

  • June 1956

    New Presbyterian Manse Was Completed

    The new Presbyterian manse was first occupied

  • December 29, 1956

    South Addition Was Annexed

    Voters approved the annexing of land adjacent to the south limits

  • 1957

    Elmira Schools Were Annexed into Lawson

    Elmira schools were annexed into the Lawson school district

  • June 11, 1957

    Cox Addition Plat Approved

    Board of Alderman approved a plat

  • July 30, 1958

    Groundbreaking Services for Baptist Church Education Unit

    Groundbreaking services were held for the Baptist Church Education unit

  • September 1957

    Bee Hive Lodge Purchased Building Site

    Bee Hive Lodge and Rakla Shrine Club purchased land for future building site

  • October 1957

    Rotary Club Installed Street Signs

    The town board granted the Lawson Rotary Club permission

  • October 13, 1957

    Second Baptist Church Organized

    The second Baptist Church was constituted as a church

  • 1958

    Christian Church Bought An Organ

    The Christian Church bought a Baldwin organ

  • 1958

    Christian Church Bought a Parsonage.

    The Christian Church bought a parsonage.

  • January 1958

    Land Was Purchased for High School Building Site

    Fifteen acres purchased as the site for high school building

  • April 1958

    Bond Issue Approved for High School

    A $315,000 bond issue was approved

  • May 6, 1958

    Watkins’ Farm Sold At Auction

    Watkins’ family farm was sold at auction; George Stilley

  • June 11, 1958

    Bee Hive Building Collapsed

    Bee Hive building collapsed

  • July 3, 1958

    Fire Warning System Approved

    The Board voted to accept a fire warning system

  • July 20, 1958

    Baptist Purchase Land

    The trustees of the second Baptist Church were instructed

  • November 25, 1958

    Land South of Moss Additions was Annexed

    Voters approved the annexing of 26 acres

  • December 24, 1958

    Baptist Education Unit Was Completed

    Construction on the Baptist Church Education unit was completed

  • 1959

    Presbyterians Purchased an Organ

    The Presbyterians purchased an electric organ

  • 1959

    Elmira Post Office Closed

    The postal service in Elmira was discontinued

  • 1959-1960 School Year

    School Had only Elementary Classes for the First Time

    The school had only elementary classes

  • May 21, 1959

    Water Line to Nike Base Approved

    Approval was give for a water line to the Nike base

  • September 1959

    The New High School Opened

    The new high school opened

  • November 1959

    Nike Missile Base Opened

    Nike Missile base opened

  • Acting Mayor 1960

    Walter Gaines Moss

    Walter Gaines Moss was acting Mayor of Lawson in 1960 and was serving his third term on the Lawson city council when he died.

  • 1960

    1960 – Kitchen Space Added to the High School

    Kitchen space was added to the high school

  • Mayor 1960 - 1966

    Robert Ray Coffman

    Robert Ray Coffman served as Mayor of Lawson 1960-1966.

  • March 1, 1960

    Director of Civil Defense Appointed

    Noel T. Adams was appointed Director of Civil Defense

  • March 29, 1960

    Xi Beta Tau Exemplar Chapter

    The Delta Zeta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi be­came

  • September 12, 1960

    Masonic Temple Incorporates

    Bee Hive Masonic Temple Association was issued

  • November 29, 1960

    Sexton Addition Plat Approved

    Board of Alderman approved Sexton addition

  • April 4, 1961

    North City Limits Extended

    Voters approved extending the north city limits

  • May 6, 1961

    Building Inspector Appointed

    Kenneth Dossett was appointed building inspector

  • June 1961

    Construction Began on Bee Hive Building

    Construction began on the Bee Hive building

  • June 24, 1961

    Pennsylvania Avenue Extended

    An ordinance was passed extending Pennsylvania

  • September 5, 1961

    Pennsylvania Opened Across Tracks

    Public Service Commission ordered the opening of Pennsylvania Avenue

  • October 24, 1961

    Gas Service Company Franchise Approved

    Voters approved granting a franchise to the Gas Service Company

  • November 4, 1961

    Post Office Open House

    Open House to view new Post Office

  • November 15, 1961

    Curb & Guttering Considered

    The Board considered a proposal to lay curb and guttering

  • 1962

    Curb & Guttering Completed

    Curb and guttering on Pennsylvania Avenue completed

  • February 13, 1962

    Bonds Approved for Sewer And Water System

    Voters approved the issuance of $130,000 in General Obligation bonds

  • July 16, 1962

    Grants Approved for Sewer & Water System

    The city received approval for a Federal grant

  • August 20, 1962

    Morrow Addition Plat Approved

    Board of Alderman approved Morrow addition

  • October 1, 1962

    City Planning Commission Established

    An ordinance was passed to establish a City Planning Commission

  • November 7, 1962

    Contractor Approved for Sewer & Water System

    Bids for building the proposed sewer and water system were opened

  • 1963

    Methodists Added Nursery Service

    The Methodist Church added nursery service for young mothers

  • June 17, 1963

    Canaan Hill Church Building Razed

    Canaan Hill Church's second building was torn down

  • June 19, 1963

    Assembly of God Church Purchased Land

    Assembly of God Church purchased five acres of land where the church now sets

  • July 1, 1963

    ZIP Codes Introduced

    Five-digit ZIP Codes were introduced

  • October 1963

    Bond Issue Approved for Additions to the School

    A $85,000 bond issue was approved for additions to the school building

  • October 1, 1963

    Two Letter State Abbreviations Were Introduced

    The two letter state abbreviations were introduced

  • October 26, 1963

    First Service in New Canaan Hill Church

    The first service was held in the newly built Canaan Hill Church

  • 1964

    Eastern Pleasant Grove Annexed into the Lawson District

    The eastern part of Pleasant Grove school

  • 1964

    Watkins Mill Became a State Historic Site

    1964 – Watkins Mill became a State Historic Site

  • February 1964

    Nike Missile Base Closed

    Nike Missile Base closed

  • April 19, 1964

    Dedication of the Canaan Hill Church

    The formal dedication of the Canaan Hill Church

  • July 1964

    Baptist Church Purchased a Parsonage

    The Baptist church purchased a parsonage

  • September 14, 1964

    Wilderness Camp was Created

    Wilderness was createdby the Missouri Conference

  • 1965

    Lawson Swim Club Granted Building Permit

    A building permit was granted the Lawson Swim Club

  • 1965

    New Street Lights were Installed

    New street lights were installed

  • January 10, 1965

    Assembly of God Church Was Completed

    The new Assembly of God Church was completed

  • April 18, 1965

    The Educational Wing of the Presbyterian Church was Dedicated

    The new educational wing of the Presbyterian Church was dedicated

  • June 29, 1965

    Lawson Swim Club was Organized as a Nonprofit Corporation

    Lawson Swim Club was organized as a nonprofit corporation

  • October 5, 1965

    The Urban Renewal Board was Appointed

    The Urban Renewal Board was appointed

  • October 10, 1965
  • March 3, 1966

    A High School P.T.A. was Organized

    A High School P.T.A. was organized

  • July 17, 1966

    First Services in the New Baptist Church

    The first services were held in the new Baptist Church

  • November 1966

    Watkins Mill was Designated a National Historic Landmark

    Watkins Mill was designated a National Historic Landmark

  • Mayor 1967 - 1972

    James Sidney Smith

    James Sidney Smith was Mayor of Lawson 1967 - 1972, serving during the Lawson Centennial in 1971.

  • 1967

    Franklin and Part of Rayville Were Added to Lawson School District

    Franklin and a part of Rayville were added to Lawson School District

  • April 12, 1967

    The Baptist Church was Dedicated

    The Baptist Church dedicatory service was held

  • May 1967

    Lawson R-XII District Reorganization

    During school district reorganization the name changed

  • August 8, 1967

    Voters Approved New Fire Truck

    Voters approved the purchase of a new fire truck

  • August 8, 1967

    Proposition Rejected for City Hall & Fire Station

    Voters rejected a proposition for a city hall and fire station

  • 1967-1968

    Presbyterian Church Refaced with Brick

    The Presbyterian church was refaced with brick

  • 1968

    Evangelican United Bethren and the Methodist Church Joined

    The Evangelican United Bethren and the Methodist church joined

  • 1968

    Schools Held Classes at Baptist Church

    School held two classes in the Baptist church’s educational quarters

  • February 6, 1968

    Delivery of Fire Truck

    Has the fire truck arrived yet?

  • June 23, 1968

    Canaan Hill Church of the Nazarene 50th Anniversary

    Canaan Hill Church celebrated its 50th anniversary

  • July 1968

    Bond Issue Passed for a Second Elementary School

    A bond issue of $310,000 passed for a second elementary school

  • January 1969

    Nike Base Closed for Good.

    Nike base closed down for good

  • February 4, 1969

    Firefighting Equipment Bond Paid In Full

    Firefighting equipment bond was paid off in full

  • April 1, 1969

    Bonds Approved for Sewer System

    Bonds for $38,000 were approved for constructing a sewer system

  • May 1969

    Street Sweeper Purchased

    The city purchased a street sweeper

  • July 9, 1969

    The City Purchased the Chamber of Com­merce Building

    The City of Lawson purchased the Chamber of Com­merce building

  • August 1969

    Southwest Elementary Opened

    Southwest Elementary opened with kindergarten, first, second, and third grades

  • September 9, 1969

    Resolution Passed to Support Watkins Mill State Park

    The city officials passed a Resolution declaring all out support

  • September 14, 1969

    First Combined Service for the Presbyterians & Christians

    The first united service was held for the Presbyterian and Christian Churches

  • September 30, 1969

    Bonds Approved for New Fire Station

    Voters approved a bond of $69,000

  • December 1969

    South Half of Nike Base Transferred to Lawson School District

    The south half of Lawson’s former Nike base installation

  • December 3, 1969

    Completion Date for Water & Sewer System on Moss & Salem

    Completion date for constructing a water and sewer system on Moss Street and Salem Road

  • 1970-1971

    Lawson Has Four School Buildings

    The 1970-71 school term found the Lawson district operating in four buildings. In addition to the high school there were Central, Southeast and Southwest Elemetary Schools

  • February 1970

    Bonds Sold for Fire Station

    The bonds for the fire station were sold

  • March 1970

    Radar Purchased for Police Department

    Radar was purchased for the Lawson police department

  • April 7, 1970

    The Old Fire Station Building Was Sold

    The city’s old fire station building was sold to G. L. Green

  • Fall 1970

    Administraton Building at Nike Base Renovated as Southeast Elementary

    The administration building at the Nike base was renovated for school purposes

  • September 8, 1970

    Lawson Purchased the Launcher Portion of Nike Missile Base

    The City of Lawson purchased the north portion of the Nike Base

  • November 19, 1970

    Bond Issue Approved to Attract Ayers Plastics to Lawson

    Voters approved a General Obligation Industrial Bond Issue

  • February 28, 1971

    Open House at New Municipal Building

    Open House at the City’s new Municipal Building

  • July 16 - 18, 1971

    Lawson’s Centennial Celebration

    Lawson's Centennial Celebration

  • Mayor 1972 - 1974

    Jack Wyatt Monroe

    Jack Wyatt Monroe served as Mayor of Lawson 1972 - 1974 and practiced pharmacy for 42 years.

  • June 1972

    Depot Building Moved to Excelsior Springs

    The Milwaukee depot building was moved to Excelsior Springs

  • Mayor 1975 - 1985

    Van Frederick “Fred” Bright

    Van Frederick “Fred” Bright served the most years as Mayor of Lawson from 1975 - 1985.

  • Mayor 1985 - 1986

    Kennel Calvert

    Kennel Calvert served as Mayor of Lawson in 1986. He was a farmer and electrician.

  • Mayor 1986 - 1991

    Geraldine “Gerrie” F. Anderson

    Gerrie Anderson served as Mayor of Lawson 1986 - 1991, the first and only female mayor to date.