Mayor 1925 - 1930 - Edwin Shouse

Edwin Shouse was Mayor of Lawson 1925 – 1930. He was first elected on Tuesday, April 7, 1925, and again on Tuesday, April 2, 1929. (and one other term? when?)

Shouse was born December 6, 1875 in Clay County, the son of James O. and Elizabeth (Dagley) Shouse. After graduating from Excelsior Springs High School in 1895, he entered University Medical College of Kansas City. Following his spring of 1899 graduation, he opened his office in Ludlow, Missouri, and in May of that year was married to Susan Caroline Robinett of Lawson.

In 1910 Dr. Shouse returned to his home town to open a long term practice, left for a few years, and then returned in the summer of 1918. This time, he stayed until he died on May 5, 1955

Dr. Shouse’s professional life covered a span of fifty-six years. In recognition of such fact he was given a half century service pin by the Missouri Medical Associ­ation, a few years before his death.

A friendly, likable man, he was active in the town’s social life and in church, fraternal, and civic affair.

Edwin Shouse is buried in Lawson Cemetery along with his second wife and family.

Edwin Shouse
Edwin Shouse