1916 - present - The Lawson Review

March 1916 Sam Halstead bought the Lawson newspaper.

May 4, 1916: Sam R. Halstead, Editor; J. W. Halstead & Sam R. Halstead, Publishers; last issue as Ray County Review.

The name of the newspaper was changed for the May 11, 1916, edition from Ray County Review to The Lawson Re­view, the name under which it still functions.

September 2, 1920: J. W. Halstead, editor

In 1920 C. M. Marston purchased the newspaper and became editor

C. M. Marston
C. M. Marston, owner and editor of The Lawson Review, 1920-1924

May 15, 1924: William Addison Black & Alma E. Black, editors & publishers; Black Publishing Company. Mr. and Mrs. Black owned the paper longer than anyone up to that time.

The Blacks sold the Lawson Review to Lawrence and Josephine Matthews, a war veteran and his wife, shortly after peace was declared and bought it back again nine months later.

In 1951 Morton and Corrine Hol­man purchased The Lawson Review, and Mr. and Mrs. Black retired.

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Black
Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Black, editors & publishers of the Lawson Review


In October of 1952, Sheldon Hunter, another veteran, and his wife Eloise Glenn Hunter, bought The Lawson Review from the Holmans. Mr. Holman sold out to become a minister of the Methodist Church.

In 1961 Hunter sold it back to the Holmans.

Sheldon Hunter
Sheldon Hunter, Editor of The Lawson Review

In 1965 the paper was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Winton K. Sexton. The Sextons bought The Lawson Review, The Orrick Sentinel and The Hardin Journal.

Lee Meador resumed ownership of the Hardin Journal and published it until the 1980s.

A group of Lawson buisinessmen formed Lawson Industries, Inc. and they acquired ownership of The Lawson Review and The Orrick Sentinel in 1967. James E. Humbard was employed as general manager of the newspapers.

Lawson Industries, Inc. kept the newspaper running, with various editors and general managers – Don, Howell, Jeannette Marshall and Doug Crews.

Don Howell, Editor; Florence "Flossie" Russell, Assistant
Don Howell, Editor; Florence “Flossie” Russell, Assistant

Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Bogard purchased The Review from Lawson Industries, Inc. in 1975 and operated it until 1978.

Doug Crews returned to Lawson and became owner of the newspaper.

In 1979  Rogers Hewitt purchased the newspaper. David Blyth became editor and worked with Cress Hewitt for 40 years. The ownership by the Hewitt family was the longest in the history of the newspaper.

October 2019 David Blyth stepped down from his role as editor. Anita Duncan became editor with assistance from her husband, Kenny. Cress Hewitt stayed on as a consultant.

David Blyth & Cress Hewitt
David Blyth & Cress Hewitt
Cress Hewitt & David Blyth
Cress Hewitt & David Blyth