1899 - 1916 - The Ray County Review

The Ray County Review

1899 – May 4, 1916 Ray County Review

1901 – Frank B. Thomas and Chas. D. Weakley

C. D. Weakley
C. D. Weakley, editor of Ray County Review

1902-1911: Robert S. Lyon, Editor & Proprietor

May 4, 1911: Robert S. Lyon, editor; Riley & Sanderson, publishers

Robert Lyon
Robert Lyon, editor of Ray County Review, 1902-1911

July 11, 1912: Fred M. Sanderson, Editor (Riley left the Review for the Richmond Daily News)

June 11, 1914: A. V. Blackwell, Editor

March 1916 Sam Halstead bought the Lawson newspaper.

May 4, 1916: Sam R. Halstead, Editor; J. W. Halstead & Sam R. Halstead, Publishers; last issue as Ray County Review.

Samuel Halstead, Boley Blackwell, Ernest Lockard
Samuel Halstead, Boley Blackwell, Ernest Lockard